Hi, I’m Popse, a proud BELUTEKO!
“I came straight from university, and immediately underwent intensive training, before entering site–Mozal, as Pot Cut Out shift coordinator. I then moved on to Production Engineering Superintendent. After years 0f gaining experience and honing my skills, I was promoted to Director of Maintenance.”


Hi, I’m Cecilia, a proud BELUTEKA!
“I started as a welding intern, then transitioned to the Department of Quality. After solidifying and honing my skills and knowledge I was promoted to quality inspector.”


Hi, I’m Jacinto, a proud BELUTEKO!
“I joined the steel work industry, as an engineering graduate back in 1989. 30 years down the road, today, as the CEO of Belutécnica, my dream and focus is to build a legacy of young Mozambican professionals and business managers who will lead the next tide of world class Engineering Services.