Mission and Vision

Our Mission is to provide safe and quality, industrial mechanical engineering services, related to the fabrication and installation of steel and metallic structures, welding of pressure vessels, mechanical and piping services, and the construction and installation of refractory coatings, which add significant value to each client’s business, investing in our human capital and technological innovation.

Our Vision is to be a national and regional reference and inspiration of business excellence, in the value chain in which we operate.


Unparalleled consistency in our pursuit for excellence. We aspire to be the best in our industry, for the customers we serve, for the employees who make up our driven human capital, for our suppliers and communities that surround us.

The safety and health of our employees is non-negotiable, and we will continuously do our best to preserve the environment in which we operate.

Ethics is non-negotiable for us. We act with the highest ethical and transparent standards in our relationships with clients, suppliers, colleagues, the environment and the community.

We embody the commitment to deliver sustainability to everything we touch, and this attitude is reflected significantly in our day to day, influencing the demeanour of our professionals and the quality of our products and services.

We are the owners of our own destiny. We absolutely believe in our, effort, innovation, cohesion, inclusion, and perseverance, as infallible tools of our success.